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Ok quick update lol

So I thought about this, should I be writing on my personal blog in wich languages? I mean I know Italian and Portuguese nicely but I want to get better in English and also bigger part of ppl I know are from  secondlife, so they talk in English this is why I will be posting in English to be more democratic lmao.

Long time since I wrote here last time, a lot of things changed in my life, actually my nutricionista said me to keep track of my evolution with a diary but I’m so damn lazy… I’ll try to start over now.

I made a lot of changes in my routine and I’m also with a personal trainer now, his name is Diego, I like how he work.. he is a naturist I mean he work just like my nutritionist without being getting drugs to help me out to grow my muscle. We are working really hard, I know this will take more time but is better since I’m not that young anymore… so my skin will not suffer if I do it slowly.

And about the work… well now my husband is helping me so we can work in different things , we added already a new section on our brand , mesh nails and I need to tell they are selling nicely I like to do them so I can play like I used to do with shadows, but I got a bit bored of eyeshadow and lately a lot of ppl are doing makeup is very simple to do so I thought about doing something not everybody can do just who work in 3d programs , so for sure less ppl on it, and I’m having fun I can do different things for now is pleasing me a lot.

Started to do also some Bento mesh rings gh but this Marco is working on I have not time to do this as well so I just make them the texture bud and the textures.  Seems like is working good like this.

Well I go to lunch lmao I’ll try to be blogging regularly. 😘

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